Small studio with grand ideas making sure people get what their businesses really need.

Are you ready to put IT
at the service of your business?

We are on your side for:

• Supporting you in defining your digital needs  

• Integrating and leading the consultants/teams who will be working for you

• Delivering and transferring you all the answers to your needs

Digital is rich and varied, we specifically support you
in the following areas:



For your digital transformation, software development, DATA management and project methodology.



To effectively manage all your activities with a flexible and secured solution that promotes innovation



 To anticipate trends in your market and optimize your decision-making with AI and a smart use of your DATA



 To quickly set up teams at a competitive price : application development, application management and managed service center


Project development and management

We create digital tools, from your data, to improve the experience of your users.
We can operate:

→ Your DATA (governance, valuation, BI)

→ Your software developments logiciels (web & mobile, e-commerce portal and collaborative platforms)

→ Your methodologies (project management, software quality, test automation)

Your benefits

✔︎ You can focus on your core business

✔︎ You are guaranteed of using quality digital tools

✔︎ Your optimized user experiences

✔︎ Your projects adapt quickly to all evolutions



We unify and reorganize your business processes to achieve your strategic ambitions.

Dynamics 365, an intuitive tool:

Mobile and connected to access your information anywhere, from any device

→ Accelerator of innovation by contributing to decision-making with AI

→ Secured, always adapting to new regulations, and with the right traceability on sensitive data

Your benefits

✔︎ One tool for all your data

✔︎ Automated processes

✔︎  Features adapted to each of your departments

✔︎ Compatible with existing environment

✔︎ Always mobile


ILYEUM Insigths

We anticipate trends in your market to optimize your decision-making

We work for you by:

Determining the future behaviors of your market

→ Predicting failures likely to occur and preventing them effectively

→ Securing your documents and storing properly your images

Your benefits

✔︎  More flexible working methods adapted to your challenges in innovation ✔︎   Your data becomes a treasure to develop your business and your projects


Project management at competitive prices

We support you in such a way that you quickly increase in skills and capacity

Project management with:

Expert teams (rare skills, operational strength, understanding of your challenges) → Competitiveness (price, hidden costs control and optimized ROI) → Methodology (project management, software quality, test automation) → Proximity (our team operates from Belgium, France, Morocco, and Tunisia)

Your benefits

✔︎  Get a head start in your application developments

✔︎  Proper application maintenance to develop your information system

✔︎  Managed service center to best satisfy your users

Which format to work together?

Technical assistance

A consultant or an entire team dedicated to your project, on your site or remotely.

– complementarity

– flexibility

– dedicated expertise

Packaged solutions

Packaged solutions with predefined deliverables, on your site or in our remote offices.


– cost is controlled

– deadlines are met

Delegating activities

Our support teams take care of the maintenance and development of your information systems, on site or remotely.


– serenity

– efficiency

– user satisfaction

Connaissez-vous le format Nearshore ?

Quelque soit votre projet

ou votre mission, une autre voie 
s’offre à vous :
nous avons développé un centre
de service en Tunisie pour 
constituer rapidement des
équipes compétitives. 
Ainsi vous vous concentrez sur 
votre métier et nous gérons 
la méthodologie
du projet.

Whatever your project or your mission is, another path is available to you.
we have developed a service center in Tunisia to quickly build competitive teams.
So, you focus on your business, and we manage the project methodology.





▻ Ability to listen to live radio stations and view all podcasts

▻ Ability to search for a favorite podcast episode or show

▻ Possibility to access a personal account and synchronize it with another device


▻ Complete backend and frontend redesign, in responsive design, for a user-centric omnichannel experience